“Dual Mandates in Chinese Congresses: Information and Cooptation.” With Melanie Manion and Viola Rothschild. Issues and Studies. Vol. 58, No. 1: 1-20. link

Under Review

“Policy under Conflicting Mandates: Evidence from 1 Billion Cellphones during China’s COVID Lockdowns.” link Presented at APSA Chinese Politics Mini-Conference 2022

“Contentious Origins of the Autocratic Welfare State: China’s “Demand-driven” Strategy to Manage Collective Action.” link

“Crisis and Correction: Do Government Rectification Efforts Restore Citizen Trust After Governance Failure?” With Melanie Manion and Viola Rothschild. link

“Community Policing and Political Participation in Contemporary China.” With Viola Rothschild. link

“Applying Insights from China: A Typology for Subnational Comparative Politics.” With Viola Rothschild. link

“Doublespeak: Limits of China’s Hard and Soft Propaganda during Political Crises.”” With Tony Zirui Yang. link

Working Paper

“How Adaptive Propaganda Works: Evidence from China.” With Xinzhuo Huang and Haibing Yan. Presented at UCSD/Carter Center Young Scholars Conference. “Bureaucrat Selection under Weak State Capacity: Evidence from the Democratic Republic of Congo.” With Dongil Lee, Eric Mvukiyehe, Christelle Tchoup, and Guo Xu.

Hongshen Zhu
Hongshen Zhu
Global China Postdoctoral Fellow